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My adventures as first mate Sally renovating and living on barge Number 10 with captain Dan
~ Wednesday, April 25 ~

mini post to update on this weeks rainy progress


No photos of past work as of yet but will becoming this weekend via dan’s notebook. promise!

Dan has been busy this week plumbing in the washing machine and moving the bathroom area to a different spot. Excited to have a working washing machine :)

We had a lovely weekend and I cooked us some scrummy food in the raeburn and we did lots of relaxing and celebrating my completion of my dissertation. On Sunday night we ordered some car cigarette chargers for our phones and laptops which we can connect to the battery bank to save starting up the generator every time we want to charge our phones. A fellow boater spent ages helping us choose the right chargers and connectors and some have already arrived via ebay. We considered bidding on a 10w solar panel but after much deliberation we lost internet connection when we finally decided to bid. I am unsure whether it is false economy to buy smaller ones to tide us over when we could just use the money towards a larger wattage panel. Fate decided that we should wait.

Lots of interest in number 10 by people passing by and Dan has been showing lots of people the work he has done, very proudly :)

Expecting more wet weather over the weekend, river is already very high so dan will beon rope patrol and hopefully if weather chills next week we will get some steering work done.

More to follow


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~ Wednesday, April 18 ~


I have set up this blog to document the renovation project of barge Number10 and my coming aboard onto the project full time.

Number 10 is an ex commercial cargo barge, built in 1958 to work as a coal carrying vessel. She was bought by Dan as a dumb barge with no engine, steering, gearbox, roof or wheelhouse. She is 85ft in length and 17.5ft beam…a big girl with a BIG personality! 

Dan has done all the considerable structural work on number 10 since purchasing her 3 years ago, and this blog is from my perspective but will include some photographs and posts showing how much has been done by Dan since she was bought, to bring you up to speed.

I have set up this blog so that mine and Dan’s friends and family can keep up to date with the progression of the renovation, which will no doubt be a slow one; we are in no rush :) and also so that we can connect with others who are doing or have done similar projects.

I will be posting what we are currently working on with pictures and how successful our methods are and what products we have used to good effect.

Let it be known at this point that my knowledge in regards to specifics is limited..extremely…but my enthusiasm is limitless!

Below is a picture of Number 10 taken last week at Gunthorpe Lock where we are currently undergoing some steering repairs. 

More to follow


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